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Reliable couriers, a team of couriers and expert delivery drivers can deliver goods of all sizes across the country. Anyone who orders from our team can rest assured that the delivery time is not only distance but also safe.

Reliable couriers have had an experienced team of delivery professionals who understand the needs of our customers and always follow up on every delivery. Our main goal is to optimize delivery routes and simplify all the express delivery and emergency services. Reliable couriers provide by using the company’s fleet of vehicles to deliver baggage in the fastest way across the country. We picked up from point A and went to point B without stopping, so there is no risk of damage during transport.

Any kind of urgent and same-day delivery requires a reliable courier service. Award-winning customer service and well-trained delivery drivers make it easy to get your luggage to your destination so you can rest assured that all of your luggage will arrive on time.

Reliable couriers provide

A trusted courier offers more than just a delivery service. With fully trained customer service representatives and drivers and advanced skills, Reliable couriers offer peace of mind to anyone in need of a delivery. Our technology makes it possible to follow the delivery in real-time and verify it after signature.

corresponding to – Small packaging, medium packaging, large packaging, large packaging and overweight packaging

Equipment – 
Confidential documents, issuance of passports and documents, issuance of visas and submission of legal documents, real estate contracts, acquisition of legal documents

Health care – Medical samples, medical devices, medical devices, medical supplies

Fresh food – Grocery store, cake, restaurant, restaurant, bakery

Handle – In-store purchase, flower arrangement, gift basket, stock

jewel – Art, jewellery, precious metals, furs, antiques, collectables, glassware


Our express service specializes in urgent delivery across the country. This means that if you need a package delivered anywhere in the country, we are working hard to get it done as quickly as possible. Trusted couriers can secure all fragile and critical deliveries as the delivery person is equipped with GPS for constrained real-time tracking.


We also specialize in a variety of other express services, such as fast parcel delivery, medical express service, legal express service, same day freight. Because businesses understand they have diverse shipping needs, we have trained shipping companies to specialize in specific shipping operations to meet these industry qualifications and standards.


Frequently Asked Questions


The higher of the actual weight or the volumetric weight is considered while shipping the packages. Let me give you a hypothetical example: A person is shipping a Teddy bear to the CANADA which actually weight in 1kg or 2 kg but it’s going to take a lot of space on the plane because of its low density. To avoid these circumstances, the higher of the actual and volumetric weight is taken into consideration to standardize the shipping costs of less dense packages. You can use this volume weight Calculator to check dimensional weight of your parcel.
Reliable International allow cash transactions also So Payment can be done through Cash/NEFT/RTGS, IMPS, Debit / Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union, Paytm or any other mode Debit / Credit Card attract a transaction fee of Rs 50 or 3% of transection value which is to be borne by the customer. PayPal attracts a fee a 12% (FOREX fee and transaction fee) which is to be borne by the customer.
Your booking ID is the tracking number and you can track your parcel on same AWB number.
As mentioned on the site, Reliable International provide packaging services. You can send fragile items by properly packing the stuff on your end or Reliable International can also provide you Proper Packing with Strong Packing Stuff( Wooden/ Thermocole Etc. ) on Extra Charges but still there’s a possibility that the fragile items might get damaged in the transit. So Customer can Make own Insurance or Reliable International Can make 100% Insurance on Damage/ Lost at the rates of 3% on Invoice Value
There’s not a Clear cut way to know the exact amount of the customs duties that will be charged to the consignee. Custom department has the complete rights to scrutinize the shipments and implement the duties based on the items you are sending, so custom duties will be paid by Consignee or Consignor
YES the Company provide packaging services as per consent of sender which is Chargeable according to type of packing (Wooden/ Thermo Cole Etc.)
Yes Reliable International Can purchase Product as per instruction of sender or receiver from Delhi/NCR and send to another country. Product like Branded Sweets or any Branded Clothes etc.
Custom duty or Import duty are depend on country and it’s the responsibility of Receiver , if any customer want to pay duty from origin Country then we provide DDP option and need Pre Alert before booking , Reliable international are not responsible for any custom duty charges
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