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Courier Charges & Details from Gurgaon, India to United States

We offer door-to-door parcel delivery services at competitive courier charges with free pick-up and real-time tracking. Send a package quickly and efficiently to every nook and cranny From India to United States.
Get the chance to take advantage of incredible discounts on the carrier’s usual cost for sending a package from India to United States. Let’s look at the courier fees and other information for sending a package from Gurgaon, India to United States. Get a discount of up to 60% on packages weighing 20 kg or more. With our top courier partners, like FedEx, DHL, Blue Dart, TNT, and Aramex, you can send without problem.

Send Courier to United States from Gurgaon | Fast and Reliable Shipping

Reliable and cost-effective courier solution for shipping from India to United States. Reliable International Courier and delivers your package United States in shortest possible time. We offer extensive coverage of cities and regions across India and United States, making it easy to send your couriers from anywhere.

Affordable Courier Charges & Rates

Our courier services are priced affordably, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when sending packages to United States.
One of the most common destinations for transporting packages from India is courier to United States. Sending a package to Qatar with Reliable International is quite simple. To find out the courier rates, use our shipping rate calculator. We offer the most affordable courier, cargo, parcel, and medicine deliveries to United States that you can ever discover in India. In Delhi, Gurgaon, and Faridabad, Reliable International offers courier services to United States.

.5 KG
1 KG
1.5 KG
2 KG
2.5 KG
3 KG
3.5 KG
4 KG
4.5 KG
5 KG
5.5 KG
6 KG
6.5 KG
7 KG
7.5 KG
8 KG
8.5 KG
9 KG
9.5 KG
10 KG
11-15 KG
16-20 KG
21-25 KG
26-30 KG
31-35 KG
36-40 KG
41-45 KG
46-50 KG
51-55 KG
56-60 KG
60+ KG
Reliable International Courier Services International Logistics Services
Rs. 2525
Rs. 3150
Rs. 3270
Rs. 3664
Rs. 4114
Rs. 4580
Rs. 5046
Rs. 5511
Rs. 5977
Rs. 6443
Rs. 6656
Rs. 6896
Rs. 7135
Rs. 7375
Rs. 7615
Rs. 7854
Rs. 8094
Rs. 8334
Rs. 8573
Rs. 8813
Rs. 865 Per KG
Rs. 854 Per KG
Rs. 834 Per KG
Rs. 812 Per KG
Rs. 774 Per KG
Rs. 763 Per KG
Rs. 758 Per KG
Rs. 747 Per KG
Rs. 742 Per KG
Rs. 736 Per KG
Rs. 725 Per KG


Reliable International Courier Services International Logistics Services
Rs. 2593
Rs. 3165
Rs. 3357
Rs. 3750
Rs. 4143
Rs. 5054
Rs. 5449
Rs. 5844
Rs. 6238
Rs. 6633
Rs. 6663
Rs. 6970
Rs. 7278
Rs. 7586
Rs. 7893
Rs. 8201
Rs. 8509
Rs. 8816
Rs. 9124
Rs. 9432
Rs. 957 Per KG
Rs. 894 Per KG
Rs. 872 Per KG
Rs. 856 Per KG
Rs. 841 Per KG
Rs. 827 Per KG
Rs. 819 Per KG
Rs. 801 Per KG
Rs. 791 Per KG
Rs. 782 Per KG
Rs. 768 Per KG


Reliable International Courier Services International Logistics Services
Rs. 2590
Rs. 3160
Rs. 3580
Rs. 3860
Rs. 4250
Rs. 4750
Rs. 5450
Rs. 5840
Rs. 6200
Rs. 6600
Rs. 6680
Rs. 6960
Rs. 7260
Rs. 7680
Rs. 8250
Rs. 9500
Rs. 10980
Rs. 11995
Rs. 12996
Rs. 13657
Rs. 990 Per KG
Rs. 970 Per KG
Rs. 830 Per KG
Rs. 820 Per KG
Rs. 760 Per KG
Rs. 750 Per KG
Rs. 730 Per KG
Rs. 725 Per KG
Rs. 705 Per KG
Rs. 695 Per KG
Rs. 670 Per KG


Shipping Benefits from Gurgaon, India to United States with Reliable International

  1. Door to Door Delivery.
  2. Free Pickup and Packing.
  3. Simple Documentation procedure.
  4. Guaranteed the best money price for international and domestic courier service.
  5. Hassle-free Custom Clearance.
  6. Multiple payment options like Debit card/ Credit card, Net banking, Paytm, Bank account transfer, etc.
  7. Options to choose between Express delivery or Economic Delivery.
  8. SMS & E-mail Alerts with Real-time Tracking.
  9. Reach to 220+ countries worldwide.
  10. 100% Satisfaction.
  11. Scheduled Routes.
  12. 24×7 Customer Care Availability
Reliable International Courier Charges & Services
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